The Wealth Management Consultative Process is a series of consultative meetings to help you get the most from working with your advisor.

The discovery meeting goes through seven major themes that affect your financial life. After this first meeting we can generally conclude whether we can add significant value by working with you over the long term. If so, we move on to the next meeting, the investment plan meeting.

In the investment plan meeting you are provided with a diagnostic of your current situation and recommendations for your consideration. You are asked not to make any decisions at this point but are encouraged to review the information provided.

If mutually agreed upon, we continue with a mutual commitment meeting where we move forward by taking the steps necessary to implement recommendations presented at our previous meeting.

45 days (or so) later, we meet to review and organize the correspondence, copies and clutter that resulted from the implementation steps after the mutual commitment meeting.

From then on we have regular progress meetings that address any questions or concerns you may have, update your plan with any major changes in your personal or professional life since we last met, review your investment results as they relate to realizing your goals and discuss any planning items that may help you meet your financial objectives.